Friday, December 2, 2011

B.Toys {review}

We recently had the opportunity to test out some of the cutest toys! B.Toys are sold at select retailers and at Target. I always find myself stopping to check them out. They are all made in the coolest colors and the packaging is adorable! I didn't realize until I received mine that all the packages are also able to reverse and become a wrapped present! How cool is that?

 We were sent the Hellophone and the Okideoke microphone. What a blast!

The Hellophone is so much fun! I love to record myself and then leave it for C to find on his own. I always hear giggles when he hears me talking in a silly voice. I also like the fun colors it comes in and all the sounds it makes. This is one toy that could easily go from now until he's five. It fits in my purse and diaper bag and is great for on-the-go fun.  Also, his sister's both like to sneak it away and record silly messages to him. This is fast becoming a family favorite here!

The Okidokie made it easy for C to live out his dream of being a rockstar. He loved rockin' out with the radio and recording his own voice. The microphone has pre-recorded tunes on it too! You can even change the tempo and make even more silliness. I love that it's easy enough for him to do on his own and that he can bring it with him anywhere.
If your thinking to yourself that some of these toys look familiar, you're right! B.Toys used to make the toys that were licensed by Parents magazine. We have owned quite a few of them and I have always been very happy with the quality and play value. I guess you could say I have been a satisfied customer for a long time!!

I recently added a few toys to C's holiday wish list because I just know he will love them! Ahem......Grandma? Grandpa?
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